Phone to TV Display

The easiest way to display your phone to a big screen TV, use screen mirroring using ChromeCast: You need to install Google Home on the your phone. Connect the ChromeCast device to your TV via HDMI. Note: Only speaker audio will be transmitted, but not the calls audio because of the microphone requirement. You may…

Daisy-Chained Monitors

DP1 to DP2 or Left DP to Right DP (and not 1 to 1 nor 2 to 2 nor left to left nor right to right) Connect USB-C to laptop to activate the USB ports on the monitors

WordPress Tips

Setup Domain Provider (Godaddy) and WordPress Hosting (AccuWebHosting/Wix/Hostgator) Get IP address from the WordPress Hosting provider (normally the IP is the IP:Port of your cPanel URL) Go to GoDaddy and add A record of @ that points to the WP Hosting provided IP. Set up CName for http, www, and host that points to @…

SystemInfo Commands

systeminfo – hostname, OS, hardware model, RAM, BIOS version, etc. WinVer – OS information wmic os get OSArchitecture – 32 or 64-bit OS wmic diskdrive get model,serialNumber,size,mediaType – hard drive info hostname – get computer name Note: CPU-Z from provides system info that you can print

Paging System

Model: Dukane 1A4250 Unit provides a dial tone. To access the paging system, connect an analog phone and dial a code (provided by the vendor) then press the # key. Once you hear the tone, you may now make an announcement.

Word in Outlook

Insert a Word document as a body message in Outlook:1. Create new email2. Put cursor in the body of email3. Click on Insert. Under the Text Ribbon, click on Object4. Click on the Create from File5. Locate the file using the Browse button6. Then click the OK button to add the Word document as an…