Phone to TV Display

The easiest way to display your phone to a big screen TV, use screen mirroring using ChromeCast: You need to install Google Home on the your phone. Connect the ChromeCast device to your TV via HDMI. Note: Only speaker audio will be transmitted, but not the calls audio because of the microphone requirement. You may…

Daisy-Chained Monitors

DP1 to DP2 or Left DP to Right DP (and not 1 to 1 nor 2 to 2 nor left to left nor right to right) Connect USB-C to laptop to activate the USB ports on the monitors

Paging System

Model: Dukane 1A4250 Unit provides a dial tone. To access the paging system, connect an analog phone and dial a code (provided by the vendor) then press the # key. Once you hear the tone, you may now make an announcement.

Delete Remote User

Ex. delete the profile for user “ndoria” on the computer “doria-pc” Command: delprof2 /c:doria-pc /id:ndoria /u